Kids colors selection

The most important space, theirs. The children's, the space where they grow up, overcome their fears and set their destiny. In our projects they always play a very important role, just like the whole house. With the presumption of making them fall in love with their habitat early because they are unaware of so many things.______________ To a child painter   Hanging on a wall I saw your little drawing: On a great big sheet of paper Was a man in a little corner. A small, little man, maybe even a little frightened by that white desert he had happened to be in, and he stood on the sidelines not daring to come forward like a poor dwarf In the land of giants. You had colored him With true passion: I remember his magnificent orange hat. But next time, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, draw a bigger man, painter friend. Because that man is you, you in person, and I want You to conquer the world: take, meanwhile the whole sheet of paper! Draw figures great big ones, strong, fearless, always ready to go for a good adventure   Gianni Rodari