Arches of Light

This event marks a significant milestone in a journey that brought together the brightest minds in architecture and design. Launched in partnership with The Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, this competition challenged participants to envision a new era of homes in Dubai, reflecting its unique cultural and environmental needs. In the pursuit of a sustainable future, it is important to draw valuable lessons from the past, with the primary objective of reducing the energy consumption and related emissions. While the external aesthetics of this project embrace past traditions, evident through the utilization of arch shapes for openings, neutral color tones for materials, as well as the integration of sun shaders and the passive natural ventilation systems, its true innovation lies in the plant and technological advancements embedded within. These systems not only enhance the overall quality of life within the dwelling but also reduce the operational costs. The project design is generate to be flexible and developable in series ensuring variability to the built front. The living spaces are also designed to reduce the distinctions between them through the use of movable separating elements and ensuring flexibility for the house throughout its life.