La razionalità della linea curva

In Milan's Via Eustachi, near Corso Buenos Aires, on the third floor of a 1930s bâtiment with a rationalist imprint, Icona revolutionized an apartment initially purchased as an occasional pied-à-terre, which was then transformed along the way into a residence intended for habitual living. The evolution of the living destination (from sporadic to intensive use) made the architectural approach progressive, with the details becoming defined as they came along with the changing scenery and needs. The revamping focused mainly on deconstructing the original floor plan, conditioned by the presence of a bulky linear corridor. Leading the intervention were two very clear stylistic principles: the decision to make use of a small number of material references (wood, marble) and the creative use of the curved line as a formal signature. It is also in this case a tribute to the aesthetics of neoclassicism and the rational use of the arch, a reference moreover visible in some elements of the building's hallway. The overall atmosphere of the apartment is one of very controlled, harmonious refinement, with the rhythms punctuated by the presence of arches, niches, and roundabouts designed to soften the roughness of the straight line, insinuating the subtle allusion to that neoclassical grace alluded to at the beginning.