Mercure Hotel

Icona in 2021 joined Rialto srl in art direction for the facade makeover of the former Ibis Style in Agrate e Brianza, which became Mercure Hotel the following year. The quantum leap was made possible by the refurbishment of common parts, corridors, room details, and the total makeover of 154 bathrooms. The facade design sought to bring back the original skin from the 1980s when the building was better known as Albergo Colleoni (from the adjacent Colleoni Center). Some may remember the facade having been used, in 1986, for the filming of the 1986 comedy directed by Castellano and Pipolo, the movie "Grandi magazzini." The new gray and burgundy skin contrasts with the back, which shows the same shades but on white. This new facade gives cleanliness, rigor and simplicity.