Appartamento promenade

Located on the first high floor of a 1930s apartment building, which was entirely renovated between 2016 and 2020 through an intervention in conservation rehabilitation, for which Icona Architetti Associati oversaw the art direction part of the entire building, the apartment-promenade is a very special apartment. Its floor plan traverses the entire volume of the building in length, with the entrance facing the inner courtyard and the main hall giving onto the noble facade on the street front. Between these two extremes stretches and articulates the residence, channeled through a series of bottlenecks and edges, the result of layering over time of fragmentations and fractionations that were not entirely happy. The corridor is one of the most problematic issues in contemporary refitting: a legacy of the distribution logics of the past, today it is perceived more as a waste than a function, especially in situations of space scarcity. In order to rethink the sense and logic of this corridor, which is impossible to abolish in plan, an additional effort of creativity was made by imagining it as a real "linear room": as if the four walls of a small living room had been unpacked and aligned along a directrix. In this way, a real promenade is unveiled, a kind of linear gallery where the corners and functions that, normally, can be found in a common room follow one another: a bench, a bookcase, a closet, a console table with mirror, a shelf are arranged one after the other along the path. Redesigned thanks to a project that was able to think the unthought of, the dwelling-promenade is as if it had been reborn to new life, as if, thanks to a suit of the most prestigious tailoring, it had finally been put in the condition to attenuate the genetic roughness, exalting only the phase of its own elegance.