Il nido di carta

The house for books and people, conceived and realized as a nest lined with volumes, is an example of how metaphors can make living spaces more confortable and more familiar . Each project has a particular genesis, some projects more than others. In the case of the refurbishing of this apartment in the heart of Milan, the assignment instructions were particularly original. The delivery was to create a comfortable home, not only designed around the existence of the client couple but also functional for their incredible bibliographic heritage, consisting of over several thousand paper volumes. A home for books and people, with the paper book as the metaphor to stress to define the main axiom of the project, the origin from which to then develop the rooms, distributions, finishes and volumes. Icona Architetti Associati succeeded in developing the clients' dream, creating a real "paper nest," a Paper Nest lined and covered with books and bookcases (really present in every room, even in the kitchen and master bathroom). In the center of this nest they then placed an astonishing bookish machine, a full-height bookcase that opens and closes exactly like a paper volume, thus making the rooms fluidly  open and close according to the different "reading" needs of the space.