Un’inedita dimora sui tetti torinesi

Iaa_M 51 is a residential project, obtained by recovering and enlarging the attic level of an elegant 1930s building, located in the Porta Susa z ona, and transforming it into a ' cozy home for a family. Thanks to the freedom with which it was able to experiment, adopting the entire toolkit of its knowledge, M51 fully manifests Icona's stylistic signature, the epitome of its aesthetic. In 2020, Icona ventured to reconfigure one of these historic multi-story buildings into a comfortable and well-kept representative residence overlooking the rooftops of T orino. By virtue of the fruitful dialectic between designers and clients, the new living purposes were attuned to the extraordinary potential of the spaces: and this is how a minimal inter wind became a great design challenge. Architecturally, the rooms on the 'top floor of the block of flats are completely transformed and remodeled, increasing their heights and transparency, always in search of maximum natural light . The apartment is developed, as if in an embrace , around the large terrace-panoramic, separated from the interior by a 'wide glass wall . The heights have been r ese more generous thanks to the new glulam roofing, covered with painted pigmented sheet metal slats, which fits perfectly with the original aesthetics of the period building . The dormer windows were aligned with the original forometries of the building, allowing the new envelope to avoid any visual discontinuity with the body of the block of flats, and indeed giving the impression of having been there all along. Finally, the manor turret is an exclamation point on the horizon: it is a volumetric addition, also clad in the same burnished metal covering, that stands out from the top of the building and is generated by the extrusion of the stairwell. The turret functions as a bedroom but also as a privileged vantage point over the Turinese hill and the city. The composite articulation of spaces is matched by the exceptional maniacal attention to detail: the level of customization is maximum. Almost all the contents in the house were either designed specifically for it, or modified and customized in its function: the chairs, the lamps, the furniture, the textiles, the windows, the doors and windows are all, in one way or another, altered and optimized by the designers' modifications and interpolations. The connecting staircase between the main floor and the turret, for example, is a sculptural work imagined and designed by Icona in every aspect as a true contemporary work M51 is an incredibly well thought out, designed, shaped with accuracy and depth. Nothing has been left to chance in this choral project that acquires a unique identity. Family life, the mixture of selected materials come together in multifaceted environments. The contemporary nature of the selected materials and the emphasis achieved thanks to the large windows that are harbingers of natural light mix with the harmonious twentieth-century breath of the building and the neighborhood. A house-figure, which encapsulates the meaning of architecture for Icona.